Female, smiling, red hair holding homemade chocolate protein balls, pink spotted top, colourful background, apple watch, red lipstick

Hi, I'm Ami

Lover of all things colourful, animal print and for living life as happily as I can! 

I am a certified Business and Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner which, coupled with my life experiences, means I can help you to uncover your true potential and make changes with your wellbeing that actually work for you and that excite you!

I believe that everybody has a good body, right now, it's our minds that need to be upgraded to live the life we really want and deserve!

My journey so far

Up until about 5 years ago I was stuck in a weight loss battle cycle for 18 years starting in my late teens. That's almost half my life spent hating my body and punishing her for being bigger than I thought I ‘should’ be.


I believed I ‘should’ only eat ‘clean’ or ‘good’ food, I believed it was arrogant to be confident when I had a wobbly tummy and more than one chin. I forced my body to run when she was sore and tired, to do spinbike classes with as much exertion as possible because how else was I going to lose weight and fit in with everybody else? All I focused on was shrinking my body. I weighed myself daily and always allowed that number to dictate my mood, which meant I was often unhappy and moody because no-one loses weight every day. I believed that my worth as a person was down to a number. And then when I couldn't restrict and punish my body anymore I would binge eat, often in secret because I felt ashamed and guilty of failing at weight loss. And then the next day I would start an even stricter diet and exercise regime and thus the cycle carried on for almost half my life.

I feel really sad thinking about how much I hated my body and for not allowing myself to be genuinely happy and confident, all because I thought I had to be slim to feel those things.


The turning point for me was when I spent 6 months trying to lose 2 dress sizes to fit into a dress for my friend’s wedding. It didn't work, the dress didn't fit, so I had to wear another, bigger dress, and I felt sad and a failure. But at the wedding I had such a brilliant time enjoying myself with my husband and our friends and I just remember letting out a big breath of air afterwards and deciding - ENOUGH! no more misery and punishment, it stops now.

I suddenly realised that I could, if I wanted to, allow myself to feel happy, confident and worthy enough every day, just as I was. It finally clicked that my life was happening for me right then, whatever my dress size, and I didn't want to waste anymore time or heartache on just reducing my size.

Over time, I learnt that the issue was never about my body, it was about my mind. I had told myself so often that fitting into smaller clothes equalled happiness, that chocolate, white bread and pizza were ‘bad’ foods, that getting as out of breath during a workout every day meant more fat would leave my body, that eventually all these thoughts became my beliefs. I had been so focused on my outside appearance that I had neglected my inside, my mind.


Does any of this resonate with you too?

The amazing thing that I have since discovered about beliefs is that we can change them - if we want to. Our beliefs are not facts, beliefs are what each of us choose to hold as true to us for various reasons, and they can be influenced by other people too, including what we see on social media. 

Since my realisation I have put my heart and soul into learning how to grow my mindset so that I could create a happy, healthy mind and body from a place of love and gratefulness instead of acting from a place of hatred and shame. This has allowed me to appreciate what my amazing body can do for me rather than just what she looks like. Instead of allowing a number on a scale to decide my mood and determine my worth I focus on bettering my overall health every day, and most importantly focusing on how I want to feel each day! 


I know that I am not the only one who has felt or is feeling like this which is why I have trained as a Life Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. NLP looks at the way that our thoughts, the language patterns that we use and our behaviours interact and affect us and gives insights into why we do what we do. When we are aware of and understand this for ourselves, we can start to make positive changes!

I want to help you leave behind those beliefs that your happiness only lies in a smaller body, that you can only feel worthy and confident if you look a certain way, all these body hating thoughts that are stopping you and causing you to feel stressed, unhappy and like you're not enough.

I can help you design a wellbeing lifestyle that is on your terms, without having to lose weight first! If weight loss is one of your goals that's cool, whatever you want for your body is totally your choice. I want to show you that your wellbeing is a journey and that you can feel happy, confident, joyful, fabulous right from the start whilst working on and towards your health goals.

You have the right to feel empowered in your body, your beautiful body that does so much for you! You are deserving of feeling confident and energised every day, this is all there for you right now if you want it! 


I understand how difficult and scary it can be to stand up and decide to make a change in your life - it can feel vulnerable to step outside your comfort zone and say “I want more than this for me!” and that is why I am here to help you. I have been where you are now, I have felt for so many years unhappy, unfulfilled and miserable with the way I was going through life, all because of my appearance. You may not even think you’re ready to make a change but if you are relating to anything I’ve just said then I know you want to do things differently. 

Now is your time to take that step and transform your life! Let me help you release the battle with your amazing body and shift your mindset to live your most confident, energised and happy life because you bloody deserve it! Yes you do!