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My name is Ami and my mission is to help as many women as possible feel confident enough as you are now, regardless of your shape or size, to start and maintain a wellbeing journey that makes you feel amazing and that fits into your life exactly how you want it to!

I believe that you are already so capable to love the skin you’re in right now, and I will show and support you with how to believe it for yourself! I know that may sound difficult, but trust me, I have done it for myself and helped other women do it for them too.

Loving your body and what she can do for you doesn’t start when you lose weight or reach a certain size - life is happening for you right now and you deserve to feel fabulous today!

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About me

Find out how my own experiences have shaped and driven my passion to help you!

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Let's work together! Take that first step towards the life

you desire by finding out here how

I can help you to do that!

Ami helped me find the drive I was looking for and allowed me to explore and understand myself in different ways. I felt totally comfortable and safe during our sessions and was able to put my trust in Ami early on.  Ami supported me all the way and I am so excited to create my reality the way I want it!

Ashley S

Ami's calmness really put me at ease and I felt able to relax and open up from the beginning. Our sessions were really productive, I always left feeling like I was another step closer to achieving my goals. Ami's positive outlook is infectious and really motivates me to go out there and give life my all!

Natalie M

I came to see Ami because I felt stuck in my life and had developed habits that were affecting my health negatively. From our first session I had a renewed positivity and focus and was quickly able to implement some different behaviours which have improved my lifestyle so much! I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have the confidence to do things I was afraid to do before

Christina W

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